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is dedicated to furnishing and implementing the Best Available Today's Technology ("BATT")to provide the most effective, innovative, and non-toxic solutions for our customers' most pressing and vital environmental concerns.
To the last breath . . .
At you will find valuable information to help guide you in choices you can make to take responsibility for and control of your environmental space. You will also find services, systems, technologies, and solutions which offer exciting new pollution-free and renewable alternatives in making available the safest and purest air, water, food supplies, and cleaning solutions.

We all need air all the time.

If you are new to our site, we suggest that you take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the problems we are facing, their underlying causes, the services Pro-active Environmental Technologies has to offer, and the exclusive Active Purification
Technologies available for your needs
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Check out the videos
Check out the videos


Indoor Air Quality Information and Education
What you don't know but should know about the indoor air that you breathe.
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Extensive Services
What you need and what you can expect from Pro-active Environmental Technologies.
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Best Available Today's Technology ("BATT") Solutions to IAQ Problems
Solutions featuring the Best Available Today's Technology ("BATT") with Active Air Purification
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Personal Solutions
Personal Solutions that work for you wherever you are whether anybody else is helping or paying attention or not.
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Residential Solutions
Residential Solutions which protect the living spaces in your home like a 24/7 health insurance plan for the whole house.
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Commercial Solutions
Commercial Solutions which provide the IAQ answers you need and the protection you deserve in the workplace.
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Additionally, Pro-active Environmental Technologies makes available a whole range of water filtration and purification solutions as well as air and water systems and solutions for personal, residential, commercial, industrial, and hospitality needs and uses.